The government has given its approval for this work, but it still has to be approved by Parliament.

The palace of Buckingham, the official residence of Queen Elizabeth II in London, will offer its first facelift since the Second World War, for a budget of 369 million pounds (431 million euros).

The work, financed by the taxpayer through the annual grant to the royal family, will consist of the replacement of old pipes and boilers as well as electrical wiring, more than sixty years old, but also the installation of solar panels On the roof, explained the palace on Friday 18 November at a press conference.

Buckingham Palace wants to face a facelift of 431 million euros

Tony Johnstone-Burt, the grand master of the royal house, responsible for stewardship, emphasized to the press that the work was “essential” because there are “significant risks of electrocution and fire”, and Leakage of the piping. The palace will remain open to tourists for the duration of the works, and the changing of the guard will normally take place.

Parliament has yet to approve

The government has given its approval for this work, but they still have to be approved by Parliament, said the Ministry of Finance. In the event of assent, they will start in April 2017 and will last for at least ten years, a timing scheduled to allow Elizabeth II and her husband, Prince Philip, to continue to stay there normally.

They will however change apartments during construction, while some of the 37 employees who live at Buckingham Palace will have to leave. Buckingham Palace, which dates back to the 17th century, was used for the first time as a royal residence by Queen Victoria, the great-grandfather of Elizabeth II.