A recent bug in Overwatch is causing major problems because not only does it affect the entrance to the game sessions it is also causing a decrease in the statistics and levels achieved by the players and, worst of all, is causing undeserved bananas that could have strong consequences .

In recent days, Overwatch users started reporting on reddit about a bug that has effect on the gaming experience, alters their statistics and bannea them seasonally. According to reports, the problem occurs when the player leaves a game session right at the moment when information is being loaded; obviously it is very difficult to measure the moment this happens, but at the beginning players return to the standby screen, the system tries to assign a new session but fails, returns to the standby screen and so on. After resetting the game, some users noticed that their statistics had declined, in some cases up to 400 and 600 points, and worse: they had received a seasonal ban.

Bug in Overwatch is causing undeserved banners

This situation caused alarm in the players because beyond the annoyance that results an undeserved seasonal ban, it is latent the risk that implies as tomorrow Blizzard will launch new measures to combat toxic players and one of them refers that 3 seasonal banners are reason for final expulsion. The problem, according to users, is that for the system, punishment is justified; however, a Blizzard representative confirmed to PCGamer that the company is already aware of the situation and although they have not found the cause of the bug, they will heed the requests of the affected players.

Overwatch is available on PS4, Xbox One and PC. In this link you will find all the information related to the multiplayer shooter of Blizzard, like the details about the new comic that will have to star to Zarya.