Obesity: Too fast losing weight could become dangerous
Some people who want to reduce their weight try this with some extreme methods. However, if you reduce your daily calorie intake too much, your health can be harmed. In addition, this increases the risk of the so-called yo-yo effect.

Daily calorie consumption
Some people want to do something for their figure, while others are more concerned with health reasons: diets are in the trend. Whether it is successful, however, depends not only on the method – for example low carb or low fat – but also on how fast the weight is to be reduced. If the amount of calories consumed per day is too small, the possible short-term customers can quickly disappear. Health can also be impaired.

Calorie Amounts At what speed slimming is actually meaningful

Change nutrition over the long term
Because diets can be overweight due to the yo-yo effect often only rise further, experts warn often against false slimming . To without a yo-yo effect decrease, the diet must be changed in the long term consistently – also can not expect too quick success.

Prof. Dr. med. Helmut Gohlke by the board of the German Heart Foundation, explained in a Heart Foundation’s consultation that people who want to lose weight, should ensure by simple values that the daily caloric amount was set too low. Failure to do so may cause considerable problems.

1.5 kilograms less per month
. Emeritus chief physician of the Department Clinical Cardiology II in Heart Centre Bad Krozingen refers to recommendations of the German Obesity -Gesellschaft: “In order to reduce body weight, should be through a reduction diet, a daily energy deficit of 500 kcal / day, in some cases even higher, To be striven for. ”

For example, with a normal body weight of 80 kg and an average activity, the calorie requirement is in the range of 2,400 kcal / day. A calorie count of 1,900 kcal / day would be useful for losing weight.

With such a calorie reduction, a weight loss of about 1.5 kg per month could be achieved, which would correspond to 4.5 kg weight reduction in a quarter of a year if the conversion was consistent.

It threatens a yo-yo effect
The calculation of the daily energy requirement is based on the fist formula normal body weight (kg) x 30 kcal, which, in the case of medium physical activity, offers a simple and, in practice, in many cases a completely adequate assessment.

In the case of stricter diets with a more reduced calorie intake, there is a risk that the body will go over into a too pronounced economy, deplete muscle mass, and then produce a yo-yo effect when the original nutritional method is passed.

Basically you should not eat after removal in a way that has led to obesity, but rather a kind of permanent diet with fewer calories comply.

Varied diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables
Prof. Gohlke also explains during the consultation that there is no need to worry about a possible under-supply with regard to vitamins and minerals if, as recommended, the calorie reduction is about 500 kcal / day, and at the same time on a varied diet Plenty of vegetables and fruit including nuts, milk and whole grain products. Only in the case of a higher calorie reduction could there be a danger.

If you still want a diet with an energy deficit of more than 500 kcal / day, this should only be done under medical consultation. In such cases, various points need to be clarified, for example, how a muscle reduction with targeted movement programs can be counteracted.