The Prime Minister David Cameron mentioned Libya should not become a safe terrorist area for ISIS after the breath taking slaughtering of 21 Christians by ISIS activists. He has sentenced it as brutal killing after the video has been posted in the internet. He further claimed that UK must remain persistent regarding the issues of ISIS defeat and bring a political evolution in Libya via UN.
Mr. Cameron mentioned, “I am horrified by the murder of Christians in Libya, indeed its inhuman and barbaric. I mourn for those families of which people have been killed brutally and UK will remain along by side of Libya in this critical situation.” Mr. Cameron commented as security confirmed that Libya has sent air forces in response to the mass killing of Christians by IS.

The key leader of the Church of England, Justin Welby, added that the killers seem to celebrate in such extreme acts carried out towards greater fear. Philip Hammond, foreign secretary added that such type of terrorist act also represents the recent political unrest situation in Libya. He further added, “We will totally in support of the UN’s effort regarding building a national unity government in Libya in order to solve the political contradiction of the country. And those who support extremism will exist nowhere.”

A Pakistani born British bishop of Rochester said that if under UN, there leaves some authorization to establish order in Libya, then it should be done immediately. And for this, we can’t wait for any political solution. And this interfere of UN will be appreciated by all. He further added that they are in a situation where the question is – who is the lesser evil doer?