Great news for people who loves adventure and something new! An Australian zoo is offering his clients all the luxuries in hotel and at the same time some great safari views. Since the hotel is located just within a zoo. So having a cup of tea at your lounge, you can see that a bear is steering at you from your own window. So isn’t it exciting? Animal lovers will surely love this concept.
In Canberra of Australia, the lodge named Jamala Wildlife Lodge at the National Zoo and Aquarium offer rooms with monkeys in the terrace, a shark tank in the lounge. Is it a bit awkward to you? In this whole world, there are different types of people. And you never know whose taste is what. Those who are always seeking for something new and exciting, can surely try this lounge to stay overnight.

Can You Think of a Hotel Inside a ZooThere are lots more! You may get the opportunity of feeding a giraffe just from your balcony or can stay within few feet from lions, tigers and other dangerous animals. Richard Tindale, the owner of the zoo, mentioned in a statement, “you can relax on your lounge looking at the face of a lion, can bath seeing a bear is near to you, get ready for the dinner while shirks are passing by.” Both Tindale and his wife are the owners of this lounge and they spend about 10 years in planning of the zoo. They describe the rooms to be ‘five star accommodation units inspired by Africa’.