Wedding is a very special moment for everyone’s life. So obviously people want their wedding arrangements would be unique and trendy. Nowadays wedding receptions maintain certain theme and trends and by the time the concept changes. Now wedding decorators and planners are thinking what can be the tentative trend of wedding in this new year 2015. Some of the answers are really amazing.

Wedding Trends in 2015Maggie Lord, the owner of Rustic Wedding Chic and The Rustic Wedding Guide mentioned that distinctive and creative places like ranches, summer camps, mountain top lodges – these are some of the exciting locations for wedding in recent times. Again Grace Ormonde, Editor of Chief of Grace Ormonde Wedding Style has mentioned that people would like to go for destined weddings in some outstanding locations. Spain, The Mexico, Italy such areas are going to be some of the attractive places for weddings.
For the food category, people will prefer family style food pattern more and more. The buffet style will also get popular in this year. People will go for more fun loving foods rather than the traditional ones. Couples will be more interested in arranging popcorn bars, coffee bars, and others. Wedding decorations will be going to more detailed manner involving glass particles and much more.
For the last few years, the bride incorporated a second dress for her wedding. Now things are getting changed. Even girls want to go for the third dress in her wedding. Wedding photography has become an art now and no wonder if in 2015, some advanced technology will be added along with the previous ones. Overall, 2015 is going to be a great year for wedding occasions.