The potential 2016 presidential candidate of the Grand Old Party, Dr. Ben Carson, said on Monday that the U.S. forces should have no fear of law in their campaign against the dreaded terrorist group IS. He added that the U.S. should ensure free hand to its soldiers who should have no fear of reprisals after the war or campaign against the Islamic State ends.

He further said clarifying his contention that the U.S. forces should rest assured that they are not, repeat not, be prosecuted on their coming back home. They should not be victimized due to someone telling that what they did was politically incorrect, he said on Fox News in an interview. He said that the U.S. needs to show maturity on such sensitive issues.

Comments of Carson have come only a few months after the executive summary of the torture report of Intelligence Committee has been made public. The report calls upon Justice Department to take legal action against military and intelligence officers associated with the agency’s torture program which included such practices as forced rectal feeding. However, the Justice Department declined to prosecute any officer involved.

Carson, the former neurosurgeon, also explained the rules of war. He said that only rule in war is that there should be no war. In addition to that the rule is that we should win as our life is dependent on it, he added. His call for limited military oversight has come as Congress debated the request of President Obama for authorization of using military force to fight Islamic State. As per Huffpost Pollster which conducts opinion polls, Carson is at the top of those running as probable 2016 GOP presidential candidate.