The Carolina Panthers’ Greg Hardy accused of assaulting and threatening to murder, Nicole Holder, his ex-girlfriend a year ago has been absolved of all charges following her disinclination to cooperate with prosecutors. The state counsel expressed his inability to proceed further in the matter without Holder’s cooperation. As all attempts to contact Holder were fruitless, the verdict came in his favor. The defense Attorney informed about the possibility of an agreement between Hardy and Holder, and left the court without commenting or answering questions.

The 26 year old Hardy played just one game in 2014 for the Panthers when he was categorized under commissioner’s exempt list. Also, in all likelihood; despite dismissal of charges against him, Hardy will be shown the door as he is a free agent after playing on the franchise tag of $13.1 million during the last season. However, his being the leagues’ one of the top pass rushers, some teams must be interested in him, and he is likely to be drafted for this offseason.

The trouble for Hardy may not be over as the NFL is yet to review the case, and may choose to suspend him for six more games which is the new rule in case of domestic abuses. As per Ian Rapoport, NFL does not rely on law enforcement agencies, and would conduct an independent investigation into the charges against Hardy. Despite the court verdict, for NFL the status of Hardy remains the same.  Nevertheless, the future of Hardy in the NFL decidedly looks brighter after the court verdict on Monday.