Charlotte McKinney claimed that Dancing With the Stars Producer to Make Her Appear Hot
Charlotte McKinney claimed that Dancing With the Stars Producer to Make Her Appear Hot

Charlotte Mckinney, the commercial star of the Carl Jr. Super Bowl made several mistakes in the live performance with Keo Motsepe. The performance was the worst of the day securing only 22 points out of 40.

After the show, McKinney admitted that it was a difficult show and did not know about what went wrong. However, she stayed positive by saying that she will be able to overcome the poor performances with greater ones in the near future.

The judge praised the positive attitude of McKinney and admitted that anyone could have a bad day at the office and it was natural. According to several videos, McKinney’s breasts were shown taping down in order to improve dance performance.

McKinney assured that there is a lot more to come and she is looking forward to some good performances. She believes that he has more to offer than modeling and that performance totally was a misrepresentation of her talents.

McKinney’s first costume was a sexy one and she said that producers wanted to add a wild flavor to her dressing initially. The blonde dancer wants to improve considerably in the near future.

Step It Up, ‘Dancing’

Charlotte came to fame as a model, but she wants everyone to know she’s much more than a pretty face and an admittedly amazing body.

“I really joined this show to show I can do more than modeling and show another side to myself,” she said. “That’s what I’m looking forward to on this show — and laughing at things that are flaws and assets and joking around.”

We definitely applaud Charlotte’s positive attitude and hope she can rise above the producers’ unnecessary attention on her body. Not only is such focus upon Charlotte’s boobs uncomfortable, it’s very demeaning and– dare I say– sexist. Not to mention, it’s also unoriginal and boring. Step it up Dancing, and put a little more effort into your show.