The failures in the ‘app’ are presented since July, but two days ago have been permanent.

Over the past few days, WhatsApp users have had trouble accessing the application. Last week there were imminent and random blocks, but during the last two days the blockade has become permanent. Apparently the measure is for the celebration of the Congress of the Communist Party.

WhatsApp, encrypts messages to make it much more difficult for them to be monitored by third parties, so it is used by dissidents and activists, to share information securely, avoiding Chinese applications that transfer data to the regime.

Chinese government blocks WhatsApp

Hence, it is suspected that the hardening of the censorship is due to the next October 18, the XIX Congress of the Communist Party will be held and where changes are expected in the regime’s guidelines, although President Xi Jinping will continue in front of the same.

Since July, users already had problems communicating through the application, mainly to send photos and videos to their contacts. At that time some local media indicated that the problems were part of a government strategy to harm Whatsapp and favor local WeChat application, erasing messages or accounts with ‘sensitive’ political material.

The Chinese Cyberspace Administration (ACC) has announced different rules to tighten its control on the Internet, where from October will be forced to verify the real identities of users to increase control over the content of comments made in social networks.

Over the past few months, authorities have tightened restrictions on what news can be made and distributed over the internet and have launched a campaign against VPN services that allow users to access foreign internet pages that have already been censored by the Chinese authorities.