Google Chromecast Ultra, With the “premium TV streaming device”, as Google designated the dongle, content can now be reproduced in 4K, ie Ultra HD.

Bored chrome ecast with a considerable extra charge

In addition to a streaming resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels, the Chromecast Ultra also supports HDR and DolbyVision to provide a sharper and more color-intensive display. The device load videos 1.8 times faster than previous versions of the popular device – Google promises smooth playback in Ultra HD. HDR is currently supported by YouTube and Netflix.

Chromecast Ultra This can be the 4K streaming stick

The device itself looks similar to the predecessor. Furthermore, the hardware consists of a small round disc with an HDMI cable, which can be connected to the TV or other display devices. The dongle is loaded via micro-USB. The charger is included.

In addition, the Chromecast Ultra has an Ethnernet connection (at the power supply) to connect via a cable if the bandwidth of the WLAN is not high enough. If the old Chromecast iterations are still to be considered as affordable, the Chromecast Ultra already encounters higher price regions and will be offered for 79 euros in the German market. The current version currently costs 39 euros in the Google Store, the audio variant has the same price.