Google’s latest version of its streaming device Chromecast can be ordered. The Chromecast Ultra offers 4K and HDR streaming and comes with a network connection. In addition, it should be noticeably faster than its predecessor.

Google’s Chromecast Ultra is available in the company’s Onlineshop and can be ordered. For 80 euros, buyers receive the beginning of October 2016 pre-arranged streaming device, which can play contents in better quality than its predecessors.

The Chromecast Ultra can play streams in 4K and HDR. The design has been taken over by Google from the Chromecast of the second generation: The Ultra version comes again in a small round housing, over an HDMI cable the device is connected to a television or monitor.

Chromecast Ultra can be ordered for $69

Smartphone or tablet serves as a remote control

The basic operating principle remains unchanged: the Chromecast requires a different device to play content, the puck then takes the actual streaming. The other device is something like a remote control. Smartphones and tablets with Android or iOS as well as Windows and OS-X computers with a Chrome browser are available. Content from the Internet is then output on the Chromecast.

In addition to the new transmission quality, the Chromecast Ultra also offers a network connection, which is installed in the power supply of the streaming device. This allows it to be connected to the Internet via cable, and not just via WLAN. In addition, the Chromecast Ultra should be 1.8 times faster than its predecessor.

Chromecast second generation still available

The second generation Chromecast is still available in Google’s Onlineshop. With 40 euros the device costs half as much as the new 4K variant.