Last report I heard was 8-12 weeks. If he had a screw put in and bone graphs, that could very well be accurate. If Dez gets out there before its ready, he could permanently screw that foot up. Reminds me of Hakeem Nicks foot injuries. HE was a GREAT player, then had some bad foot injuries and the Giants rushed him back when he wasnt ready. Never was the same. And Dez just got paid too, so there is that.

Bryant had surgery on Monday, the same day that ESPN’s Chris Mortensen reported that Bryant’s recovery could take as long as eight weeks. And ESPN’s Adam Schefter added: “ESPN’s Dr. Mark Adickes said [four to six] weeks was an aggressive time frame, and a more likely time frame for Dez Bryant’s recovery is [eight to twelve] weeks.”

Dez Bryant on report he could miss 8 weeks: Don’t listen to ‘craziness’ –