Little by little video games and their communities, especially those with a competitive scene, are adopting serious and participative positions to fight against the traps and the alterations of code that cause undue advantage. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is one of the titles with an important community and its recent debut in China came hand in hand with a clear warning to all cheaters in that country.

Creator of cheat for CS GO was arrested by Chinese police

Perfect World, a platform in charge of publishing and distributing CS: GO in China, released the title a week ago and quickly detected the use of cheats called a “CS: GO Daniel” cheat, which caused 4,275 accounts registered on the platform to be banned when the trap is detected. The cheat was created by a guy they refer to as Mr. Pan, who also was in charge of selling it and distributing it to many players who were waiting for the debut of the Valve shooter. Once Perfect World detected the origin of the cheat, proceeded to the complaint and the Chinese police went to the province of Jiangsu to arrest the cheater.

Based on his actions, Mr. Pan is accused of violating laws related to the administration of public security and criminal offenses, which could lead him to spend up to 15 years in prison. At the moment, the creator of the cheat for CS: GO waits for his sentence but has already been fined 5 times the total amount he received for the sale and distribution of “CS: GO Daniel”.