Cristiano Ronaldo, the football star of Real Madrid who turned 30 last Thursday, enjoyed his birthday party on Saturday as we know people organize parties on their birthdays. However, it incensed the Real fans as they could not think of a party by Ronaldo after a defeat of the coveted club 4-0 handed by its arch rival Atletico Madrid neutralizing Ronaldo, winner of the FIFA Ballon d’Or as the best football player of the world for the two consecutive years, only a few hours ago.

The video of Ronaldo’s birthday party showing him reveling and singing went viral, and pat came the reactions of fans; how can he party after losing so badly? However, on the face of opposition and criticism, it can be argued, and with conviction, that one has to maintain a balance between work and life. Professional athletes like others have every right to celebrate their birthdays even when their team loses a game. However, fans had to be pacified, and hence, Jorge Mendes, Ronaldo’s agent, went on air through Spanish radio to clarify the situation defending his client. Mendes revealed that Ronaldo was very angry as a true professional that he is. The best player of the world was very upset with the loss, but his birthday party was planned over a month ago which was attended among others by his family members visiting from abroad. Ronaldo, he continued, could not cancel the party out of respect for the visiting family members and friends. Ronaldo was so devastated that it took family and friends almost two hours to cheer him up.

In the video, Ronaldo did not look devastated. Nevertheless, he was fully authorized to enjoy life outside of soccer. Who knows; a distraction of this kind can do a lot of good to him for the ensuing soccer matches.