A dating site, called BeautifulPeople.com, has been in the spotlight recently for the way in which it rejects members who are not good looking enough. Over 500 Brits have been ditched by the site, due to the fact that they let themselves go when it comes to looks. The website considers itself to be an elite club, where other members judge the appearance of possible new members before they are allowed to join. New members must submit recent photographs which then undergo a 48 hour process of being judged by current members. If the photograph receives a certain number of positive votes, the member will be allowed to join the service.

Dating Site Rejects 'Ugly' UsersThe site has stated that weight gain, as well as ageing gracelessly, are two of the main reasons that they remove members from the site. Although it may seem like a controversial method when it comes to controlling clientèle, the other members seem to appreciate it, as it means that the physical gene pool of all members remains at the highest quality possible.

The site is used by single people all over the world, and so far has rejected more than 3000 people from joining, the majority of whom are from the US. Genevieve Hodge, the founder of the website, has said that she does not enjoy rejecting new members, but that it is a ‘necessary evil’ that has to be done in order to maintain their ‘prized business model’. Loyal members support this wholeheartedly, as it keeps the site from being like any other ordinary dating site.