The declaration of good student of candidate MacronCloser, less spontaneous than usual, the founder of En Marche! Did not succeed in translating in his speech and his attitude his desire to “break codes”, Wednesday, during his declaration of candidacy in Bobigny.

“We will not do anything like the others,” his team warned. While maintaining a true-false suspense around a declaration of candidacy resembles the strategy of many political personalities, Emmanuel Macron has, indeed, innovated on the place in which he held his Wednesday. The founder of En Marche! Has spoken from a learning center in Bobigny, in the Paris region, in a hangar and with no audience other than his troops and the dozens of journalists invited the day before.

On the other hand, innovation was moderately successful. For twenty minutes, the former Minister of the Economy made the rapid synthesis of the “diagnosis” of France drawn up during the door-to-door campaign of his movement. Before we get to the heart of the matter. “In a few months, on the occasion of the presidential election, we have an opportunity to finally refuse the status quo to choose to advance, because this fight we have to deliver, to make our country succeed, Will begin in May 2017, “he said. “To carry it out, the responsibility of the President of the Republic is immense and I am fully aware of it, which is why I am a candidate for the presidency of the Republic.”

Very (too?) Solemn. A very “normative and statutory” declaration for Elodie Mielczareck, analyst of language and behavior, author of Déjouez les manipulateurs. “Emmanuel Macron has spoken continuity, history, presidency,” she explains. “He has remained very solemn. It is obviously a strategic choice to show that he has the stature of a head of state.” And reassure those who might be sensitive to the arguments of his detractors, who consider him too novice to occupy the highest office of the country.

Nevertheless, the semiologist considers that this speech does not fit very well with the former Minister of the Economy. “He played a role, and it shows, he’s much more comfortable about innovation, investors and entrepreneurs, and we could have expected him to be more conquering, more enthusiastic.”

“A very good student side”. Difficult, with this kind of remarks, to send back the image of a dissident candidate ready to upset the codes. Certainly, Emmanuel Macron took good care to scratch the order established in his speech, chastising “the political apparatuses, the political logics” which “paralyze today our ability to go forward”, denouncing “the Emptiness of our political system “. But he kept “a very good student side,” says Elodie Mielczareck. And the repeated use of very abstract terms ( “emancipation”, “design”, “project”) conferred more on philosophical than political discourse. As the semiologist summarizes, “these are heavy and convoluted formulas that can be beautiful in the ear but are neither very frank nor very spontaneous.” And sometimes they even come from the pure wooden tongue.

“Completely rigid”. This lack of spontaneity was also reflected in the attitude of Emmanuel Macron, who began with a wink and finished in a smile, but kept a very closed face during the whole of his intervention. “He was completely rigid, very straight, in hyper control,” judge Elodie Mielczareck. Rarely for those who held several meetings lasting more than two hours without a desk or notes, the former Minister of Economy this time “read much” his statement.

So many choices that do not necessarily serve him. “In front, many are more statutory than him,” notes Elodie Mielczareck. “Locking himself in there might well serve him.” Better for the founder of En Marche! That it pursues on its niche which, in view of the surveys of opinion conducted so far, seems to succeed: that of the renewal.