In these latter days cancer has been sticking around 12 million people every year all around the world. The danger is obvious and everyone is under the threat. Fortunately, medicine studies don’t stop either. Dr. Graham Colditz, an internationally recognized disease-prevention expert at Siteman Cancer Center at Barnes-Jewish Hospital in St. Louis recently issued a list of habits that may reduce cancer risk and prolong life.

  1. Take control of your weight

It’s easy to propose, but difficult to accomplish. Although, there are some tricks which may be helpful with maintaining a normal weight. There are no doubts that the healthy food, such as fruits and vegetables, is matter, but don’t forget about the regime. Separate your daily amount of food into small portions that can be taken periodically. This diet will be much more beneficial than torturing yourself with severe diets. Physical exercises should be taken into account too, but pay attention to cardio, rather than weight training. It is also recognized that workouts have cancer protection capabilities, as well as healthful ration.

Decreasing Cancer Risk

  1. Screening tests

Perhaps this is one of the crucial factors in cancer prevention because checking for cancer in time may save your life. Nowadays hospitals offer several kinds of test. Some of them are intended to indicate cancer early, when it is most easily treatable, whereas others can reveal conditions that contribute to cancer developing (e.g. genetic risk or blood cholesterol level).

  1. Sun protecting

Although sunbathing is very popular, overdose may lead to skin cancer, including melanoma. Children are most vulnerable, so that it is important to protect them. Don’t expose yourself to sun between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. (peak burning hours), use sun protection spray or cream and forget about tanning booths.

  1. Quit smoking

Smoking is notorious for its negative impact on health and leaving this bad habit will definitely play in your favor. Also, think about people near you: passive smoking affects your friends and relatives increasing their odds to get cancer as well. If you have decided to quit smoking, never go back. Try harder and do not surrender, remember that just in half a year your chances of getting cancer will be reduced by half.

5.  Sobriety

Moderate alcohol consumption is not bad, but you need to watch it out. Few drinks a week are not harmful as long as you can keep it under control. However, if you have the alcohol problem, you should cut it back.