A documentary, commissioned by the BBC, entitled India’s Daughter, had some scenes leaked on the internet prior to its release, leading to the country banning the documentary. The film is about the issue of rape in India, and about the brutal attitude that many men have towards the subject. The leaked scene featured an interview with a rapist who was on death row.

Badri Nath Singh, the father of the gang-rape victim in Delhi, spoke out to the Calcutta Telegraph about the documentary, urging people to find a way to watch it, as it “holds up a mirror to our society”. He strongly believes that it is not just about specific rapists, but is instead about the type of people that are created within society, and has important lessons that everybody should hear.

Delhi Gang-Rape Victim's Father Speaks Out about Documentary BanAfter the documentary first aired in the UK, it could inevitably soon be found all over the internet, on video sharing sites such as YouTube. People in India have been defying their government ever since the release of the film, and finding ways to watch it on the internet. Much of the population seems to understand that the ban is only leading to more regressive attitudes, and will not do any good for the country. Twitter was filled with angry and disgusted tweets, with strong views about the moving documentary as well as about the ban that their government enforced on the movie.

The ban also prohibits anybody from uploading or watching the movie online, but people in India are still sharing it on many social media sites, and encouraging others to watch it as soon as possible before the government finds a way to take it off.