This morning at La Guardia Airport, a Delta Airlines plane had trouble landing during a snowstorm. After it landed, the plane skidded off the runway and crashed through a berm and a fence. Passengers had to evacuate the plane by climbing out onto a broken wing. There is video footage on the internet from bystanders, of passengers climbing out onto the wing and being helped back onto the ground.

Delta Plane Crashes Through Fence on RunwayThere were 125 passengers aboard the flight, as well as 5 crew members, and luckily, there were no serious injuries reported. However, there were reports of a fuel leak, and so many emergency vehicles quickly arrived at the scene. Although nobody was badly hurt, the passengers were terrified, and many immediately reported what had happened on their social media sites as soon as the plane had skidded and crashed through the fence.

With weather conditions becoming steadily icier, all flights have been put on hold all over the country. Temperatures are expected to continue dropping overnight, with over 6 inches of snow being forecast for New York by tomorrow. In the past, plane crashes that have occurred due to freezing temperatures have not had such lucky outcomes. If it was not for the berm and the fence that surrounded the runway, the plane would have ended up in the water behind the airport.