Look what the singer told during her time on the program of Jimmy Fallon

In her teens, Demi Lovato fought a tough battle against her addiction to various substances that almost cost her life and forced her into rehabilitation. With this background, it is understandable that the singer tries to surround herself now with people who help her lead a healthy lifestyle, avoiding at all costs the bad companies that could put her sobriety at the expense of using drugs around her.

Demi Lovato reveals who is the only one who can use drugs at home

However, as in every rule there is also an exception, and in his case is the rapper Snoop Dogg, who appreciates and admires so much that even allows him to smoke marijuana in his home.

“One day it occurred to me to invite several people to my house. She had just gone through a breakup, and she was single again. I set out to meet new people, but I was clear that I just wanted them to be a couple of people with whom I could have a fun time. But when I realized, my house was full of marijuana smoke, everywhere! I began to tell everyone that they could not smoke inside, to go outside. Of course, I could not tell Snoop not to smoke in my house, so in the end I decided, ‘Well, Snoop, you do what you want,’ “explained fun Demi as she passed the Jimmy Fallon show.

Despite the healthy appearance of the interpreter, the truth is that she must work almost every day not to fall back on the harmful habits of the past.

“There are times when I can not resist and I only think about falling. And it is in those moments when I sit in my hands and I beg God to free me once and for all from this obsession. I think, however, that it is better to share these moments of weakness than to keep them for me, “he revealed in a conversation with People magazine.