The department of partial security was almost facing a partial shutdown by the congress since there was an impasse between the senate and the house Republican leaders under which legislation should which chamber act on.

Boehner has hesitated weighing in on tentative plan of the senate of approving the DHS funding bill worth $40billion. He has been less adamant about a shutdown. He declined to separately vote to oppose the executive order delivered by the president for delaying millions of undocumented immigrants deportation.

Since the congress lost their power to the Republican after the midterm election, No government shutdown will take place in my watch vows McConnell.

Republicans mainly sees the immigration action of Obama as executive authority overreach. If by Friday there would be no stopgap or agreement, the department would be shut down partially. The vast DHS employees would be expected to report for their duty during the shutdown minus their pay check.

The “clean” spending bill is expected to pass the Senate easily Thursday. It will be followed by a vote Friday on a separate Senate bill to defund Obama’s immigration programs.

McConnell advanced the spending measure despite opposition from conservatives and no assurances that Boehner would bring it up for a vote. Even if Boehner does bring it up, he is under pressure from conservatives to restore the immigration riders. And there is little time for the House to consider the bill before Homeland Security funding expires at midnight Friday.