The first question I ask the participants in my weight loss courses is always the same: “Who has already had experience with diets?” In most cases, everyone has ever tried a diet. The successes are mediocre, which is also quite normal. Diets are, on the one hand, usually not everyday – or do you only want to eat only from pineapples, mince, melons or whatever? And, among other things, short-term diets have the disadvantage that the so-called yo-yo effect is programmed.

For most diets, less calories are consumed. By reducing calories, the body first decreases. But our body is a so-called “adaptive being” – that means that the body adapts quickly to new circumstances and initiates appropriate measures.

Diet plan Week 1 Diet without Yo-Yo effect 2

Why is the Yo-Yo effect?

In the case of lower caloric intake, the body reacts so that different metabolic processes and body functions are reduced. After a short time, the organism also comes out with the smaller number of calories. That is, the calorie balance is balanced after some time, the body consumes as many calories as it gets.

The result: losing weight is no longer possible. By this time, most of them throw the shotgun into the grain and begin to eat more. Since the body is still adjusted to the lower calorie intake, the calorie balance changes extremely unfavorably. We give the body much more calories than what is needed, which then triggers the dreaded yo-yo effect, and most people are more balanced after a diet than at the beginning of the diet.

You need an all-day program that brings sustainable success. And I want to start this program with you.

I will show you how with a little discipline you will have lasting success in your endeavor to achieve your desired weight and better health.

In addition to many facts about the functioning of the human body, you receive weekly recipes from me, so that after a few weeks you have a collection of recipes that will help you get closer to your goal or help you to stay healthy and powerful.

With the recipes you will search in vain for calories or nutrient content. All you have to do is choose from the recipes I offer, the ones you’re hungry for. The fact that the recipes look small enough for one or the other is part of the concept. But I promise you that you will soon get used to it.

Likewise, you will probably miss the seasoning with salt, which also has its reason. Why you should do without salt, you will learn in the next nine weeks. My tip: Season with fresh herbs or try soy sauce.

A request to the end: Have patience with your body, because it has not been treated optimally for decades, and now needs its time to make the necessary changes.

Diet plan Week 1 Diet without Yo-Yo effect

Lose weight with

Imagine a fire … In order for the fire to burn evenly, you must regularly throw wood. But suddenly, forget to give the fire the urgently needed food … You think: “Not bad, I just throw a lot of wood into the fire.” They observe that the fire blazes up and greedily takes hold of the wood. After a while, you realize that the fire has burnt only the wood in the middle and there is still a lot of wood spared at the edges. What happened? Exactly what happens in the body of many people every day: both the fire and the body take the food they can use, the rest remain simple.

You should be aware of this: You do not have time all day to take care of your “fire”, ie your body. Instead of eating food regularly, you can get everything in the evening. But also your body burns only what you need at this moment, the rest migrates directly to your hips and other unpleasant body positions.

Now you can guess what has to be done: just like our camp fire, we have to ensure that our metabolism is regularly fed with food.

In the evening, our metabolism can calmly switch to a low heat, something has to do with recovery, our body must rest at night and recharge your batteries. But as soon as we get up in the morning, the metabolism is raised again and the body functions back into the waking state – and for that we need energy.

In the course of the day, we should give energy regularly to the metabolism, just as much as it needs.

Set regular eating times

I ask you now to think about a few minutes, when you can have breakfast in the morning. Write down this time. Do the same with lunch and dinner.

Now you have fixed meals and can also have an intermediate meal between breakfast and lunch and between lunch and dinner. These regular eating times help your body burn the food completely without leaving unpleasant fat deposits on your hips.

Decrease properly – a question of timing

So, the beginning is done! Believe me, this is almost the most difficult of what I will give you tips in the coming weeks.