Android, Android One and Android Go are not the same, find out what the differences are.

Android One

Three years ago, Google launched a program called “Android One”, which basically consisted of launching mid-range and low-end phones with pure Android, in order that users who could not access a Nexus ( at that time), or a Pixel (now) could live the experience of an Android phone without additions, with the latest version in the market and with the fluidity of a Nexus or Pixel.

From the outset, Android One was launched in emerging markets, mainly in Asia, and the partners were mostly known brands only in these countries. However, over the years, the program was extended and even reached Japan by Sharp, and in the last month has been targeted in the United States, and in November will be released in many countries.

Android One, is only a program that offers phones with pure Android, before only low and medium range, but with the arrival of Motorola and Xiaomi to the program have launched the first high middle range, however, we will hardly see a high range of Android One, because there are Pixel. So this program is aimed at all those who are looking for a good price phone, and with the advantages of Android Pure.

This means that any Android One computer will have the monthly security updates, the latest version of Android days or weeks after its official release and updates guaranteed for 2 years.

Differences between Android One and Android GO

Android Go

During the past Google IO, the Mountain View company surprised us with the launch of Android Go, a “Lite” version of Android, which is optimized to work on low-end smartphones, which mostly have 1GB of memory RAM or less.

Among the advantages of Android Go that Google announced, were: lower consumption of mobile data and resources in applications such as YouTube Go, Chrome and Gboard; the Google Play Store will be installed and “Lite” versions of the applications will be installed.

Regarding this last feature, remember that Google has sought to reach an agreement with certain developers to launch “Lite” applications in their store, Facebook has some, and Twitter launched his with the help of Google, which is currently only available in the Philippines Play Store, however, can be added as a webapp from Chrome in other countries.

For now no more known Android Go, except that the first phones with this version will arrive throughout 2018.

The differences:

  • Android is the operating system used by most phones in the world, and is the basis of the Android One and Android Go programs.
  • The phones within the Android One program use pure Android, exactly the same version as the Pixel phones, the so-called Google iPhone.
  • Android Go is a “Lite” version of Android, made to offer a good experience with pure Android but in low end equipment.
  • Android One looks like it will now target high-end mid-range computers, a kind of replacement for Nexus phones. Android Go will be exclusive of the low range. And for the high range we will have the Pixel.