Google and Lenovo website main search pages redirection for Vietnam have shown some significant weakness in the cause of the week in their system that address the internet.

Webcam images of bored young man sitting in bedroom was seen to have welcomed visitors at on Wednesday. The Vietnam Google site was seen to have briefly directed people to another site on Monday.

Lenovo and google have been victims of the domain hijacking which were made through a Malaysian company called

DNS attacks manage to hijack Google and Lenovo websitesThe credit for the defacements have been claimed by Lizard Squad hacker group. Lenovo tried to get to normal on Wednesday afternoon.

Webnic managed to register the domains name on Monday. The hacking allowed the Lizard squad to capture some given emails from Lenovo. Under previous weeks, Lenovo claimed to have taken responsibility of getting back their user their domains.

This attack is considered to be low-brow.