Crufts, the world’s largest dog show, is held annually in the UK each year, and welcomes competitors from all around the world. This year, an irish setter named Jagger competed in the show, coming second in class. However, once the show was over and the owners returned to Belgium with their dog, Jagger suddenly collapsed and died. Due to the unexpected and suspicious nature of the death, Jagger’s vet immediately ordered tests related to the dog’s symptoms. Once the post-mortem was carried out, it was discovered that Jagger had eaten beef that was filled with three different toxins, one of which was slug killer, poisonous to dogs.

Dog Dies After Being Poisoned at Crufts Dog ShowJagger’s family is certain that their dog was poisoned by someone who had a grudge against the dog show, and wanted to cause total distress to one of the successful competitors. Jagger was only three years old at the time of his death, and his pedigree, as well the amount of success he had experienced in dog shows, meant that he was worth around £50,000.

One of Jagger’s owners spoke out on BBC Radio 5 Live, saying that she did not believe that the malicious act was carried out by another competitor, or by anyone who was involved in the world of dog shows. Instead, she believes that Jagger was poisoned by a member of the public. At the show, there was a 15 minute period where the family had left Jagger alone on his bench, which was plenty of time for a member of the public to come over and feed him the poisoned beef.