I’ve been amused by Republicans’ continued bait and switch on taxes. Bush’s tax plan, for example, looks almost exactly like the plan that his brother pushed through Congress — throwing a bone here or there to the middle class but cutting taxes enormously for wealthy Americans. Rubio’s plan essentially would do the same.

Republicans have gotten away with this charade for decades. It’s a bit of a puzzler. They’ve lined the pockets of their wealthy supporters and gutted the federal treasury with little or no resistance from the voting public. Why? Well, three reasons leap to mind. First, most voters don’t really care about the arcane details of tax policy. They don’t like taxes but they don’t care to read the fine print and thus, they are susceptible to being gulled. Second, our media continues to let the Republicans get away with it. No one ever writes a headline that says “Bush’s Tax Cut Plan Will Line Rich People’s Pockets.” And, finally, Democrats have been damn near supine about this issue. Enough of them pocket contributions from hedge fund managers so that they’ll mutter about Republicans’ plans, make a speech here or there, but in the end, look the other way as these cuts pass Congress.

Somewhere in their soul, I assume that conservatives are aware that they are being played by their media. They always play the same tired tune. Take the Democrat frontrunner and find a “scandal” to repeat endlessly until your audience is sure in their heart that the Democrat is untrustworthy. Proof? Who needs no stinkin’ proof? We are talking about making people feel a certain way.

Registered independent here. Not particularly a fan of Clinton. May or may not vote for her, but not eligible to vote in primaries.

Not a member of the left-wing media conspiracy that apparently thwarts prosecutors’ access to evidence (but not yours).

Trump has vowed to raise taxes on capital gains, claiming that executive pay in America is a “complete joke.” One senior figure on Wall Street tells Politico that investors who discussed Trump at a recent lunch were “taking him very seriously,” adding: “He taps into frustrations that are very real and he is a master manipulator of the media.”

Trump responded by sending a statement to Politico that you should pay very close attention to:

“Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton will continue to let Wall Street and the ‘hedge fund guys’ rip off the people by paying no or very little in taxes,” Trump said. “They have total and complete control of Hillary, Jeb and others running. My campaign is self- funded. The only people that have control of me are the people of the United States.”

via Morning Plum: Donald Trump is in on the joke, and the joke’s on you – The Washington Post.