Lukas Gottwald, the leading producer famously known as Dr. Luke, is under the scanner for Kesha has allegedly accused him of rape. Kesha began working with Dr. Luke at the age of 17, since the producer had a lineage with Avril, Kary Perry and Pink among others.

As per court judgment, Kesha was ruled against but has many Hollywood singers supporting her; the latest is she received a 2,50,000 dollars grant from Taylor swift.

Dr. Luke Kesha lash at each other on Twitter’s news :

In 2013, Lukasz Gottwald, a.k.a. uber-producer Dr. Luke, sat in the presence of a New Yorker reporter and, with one of the many young women he helps turns into recording stars, dissected the right way to make a new song go viral. Luke had quite the resume, having worked with Pink, Avril Lavigne and Katy Perry, among many others. Making a hit, he contended, wasn’t just a matter of putting verses, choruses, and middle eights in the right places. It was a matter of letting a song posted to YouTube or Vevo gain an online life of its own. And, though the songs he worked on might be formulaic, there was no formula in publicizing a No. 1 hit.

“Did Katy [Perry] tweet it?” Luke asked Bonnie McKee, a singer-songwriter he was working with at the time.

“Yes, she tweeted it,” McKee said. “Kesha hasn’t tweeted it yet, though.”

“You know what?” Luke said. “It’s almost better if she doesn’t, and waits a couple days and does it.”

McKee: “And you know Katy has thirty million and Kesha has, like—”

“Three,” Luke said — “and smiled somewhat sourly,” as John Seabrook reported.

This week, Dr. Luke has more on his mind when it comes to Kesha than how many people follow her on Twitter. The singer has accused the producer, with whom she started working at 17, of rape, and sued to get out of a contract with him. And though a judge ruled against her last week, Kesha has found many famous allies — including Taylor Swift, who gave the diva $250,000 for legal expenses.

On Monday, Luke took to Twitter to respond — at length — to allegations he compared to the discredited Rolling Stone University of Virginia rape story.

“Until now I haven’t commented on the lawsuits, which should be resolved in court not here on Twitter,” he wrote in a series of tweets. “It’s a shame that there’s so much speculation out there basing itself on so little information. The only truly objective person who knows the facts is the judge. The judge did not rule in Kesha’s favor on Friday.”

Luke, who noted he had a “feminist mom,” said it was understandable that Kesha has many supporters. Nevertheless, he said her allegations were groundless.

“I understand why people without all the information are speaking out,” he wrote. “I can appreciate their compassion. But lives can get ruined when there’s a rush to judgment before all the facts come out. Look what happened at UVA, Duke etc. Of course any sane person is against rape and sexual assault but everybody who is commenting is doing so without knowledge or facts. They are getting behind an allegation only — motivated by money.”

Then came the denial.

“I didn’t rape Kesha and I have never had sex with her,” Luke wrote. “Kesha and I were friends for many years and she was like my little sister.”

Dr. Luke also went after Kesha’s attorney Mark Geragos, asking how much he really cares about women’s rights given that he represented Chris Brown and Scott Peterson.
He also blasted Geragos for publicly claiming that Dr. Luke had raped Lady Gaga, a claim the singer herself denied last week.
‘Imagine if you or somebody you loved was publicly accused of a rape you knew they didn’t do. Imagine that,’ he wrote.
‘I have 3 sisters, a daughter, and a son with my girlfriend, and a feminist mom who raised me right.’
He closed by saying; ‘Kesha and I made a lot of songs together and it was often good but there were creative differences at times.

Dr. Luke Kesha lash at each other on Twitter 2

Dr. Luke Kesha lash at each other on Twitter 3