01 Edward Snowden Last Week TonightEdward Snowden – New York – In New York, Edward Snowden was used in a snatched a monument. The police had immediately removed the bust. Meanwhile, a video interview with Snowden makes the round. Theme: penis images.

New YorkFür a while it looked as if New York Edward Snowden had used a monument: unknown artists have erected a bust with the likeness of the whistleblowers in Fort Greene Park in Brooklyn in the middle of the night. But the elaborate half figure for a short time had the place of honour. Because the authorities could literally bump Snowden from the base.

“Animal New York”, a local news portal reported on the curious art action first. The mysterious perpetrators have traded a small group of artists who admire the NSA whistleblower. The activists in the Park slipped early Monday morning and heaved the 1.20 meters high and 45 kilograms bust on the Revolutionary War Memorial a monument to killed POWs of the American of revolutionary war. Then they would have added to the Snowdens column name, animal New York reported further.

A smart move of the artists this Easter weekend to start the action or coincidence? Only on Sunday a famous talk presenter in the United States published an interview John Oliver, with the whistleblower. For his late-night show “Last Week Tonight with John Oliver” the entertainer is travelled to Moscow to interview Snowden – and Oliver talks to him about penis photos, the NSA and Snowdens job ratios there. Watch the entire interview in the English-language YouTube video.

The installation of the artist was meanwhile on Sunday evening in the company of the news portal “animal New York” – but under the condition that the identity of the artist will not disclose. At daybreak, the action was over and the city administration prompted the removal of the bust according to local police. The sculpture as a subject of investigation in the 88 police station was in the evening.

Two New Yorkers had the idea to the Snowden Memorial artist, then a sculptor from the U.S. West coast have joined those who reported “animal New York” further. In a statement expressed the activists to the reasons for their action: you had the monument for the US prisoners of war “updated” to draw attention to those who have sacrificed their security in the fight against modern tyrants. “It would be a shame for the here honored to pay tribute to those who protect the ideals for which they fought – as did Edward Snowden, by bringing the violations of the law by the NSA surveillance program to light.”