According to the chief executive of the company, the new product will be presented on 26 October.

Elon Musk, executive director of US electric car company Tesla, has announced the introduction of its new product, the Tesla Semi truck electric truck, which he called “an incredible beast.”

This was described by Musk in his Twitter account, adding that the presentation of the new product is scheduled for next October 26.

“The presentation and testing of the Tesla Semi Truck are tentatively scheduled for October 26 in Hawthorne [California, USA], and it’s worth seeing this beast in person.

In August Reuters reported that Tesla’s goal in the development of this electric truck was to reach 480 kilometers on a single charge. This could mean for the company to enter the commercial freight market.

In addition, these Tesla advances are part of the company’s attempts to get out of its initial segment of luxury electric cars, just as it did in July by launching its most affordable model, the Tesla Model 3 sedan, which costs $ 35,000 and is able to travel 350 kilometers on a single charge.