Who was Enes Kanter a year ago? A center with a solid offensive game. A talented, young Europeans, who still has a lot of defensive air upwards. What it is today? Exactly the same! But last year something has changed for the Turks …

First of all this is the work. The 23-year-old big man is traded during the last season of the Utah Jazz for the Oklahoma City Thunder, which actually only have a reliable scorer in their ranks after injury-related loss of their top performers Serge Ibaka and Kevin Durant Russell Westbrook. Kanter is in a situation where he gets a lot of playing time and a huge leap of faith, because the franchise’s own expectations anyway lags behind and has not much to lose. So is the offensive play in a certain way is “Two-Man Game” between Westbrook and Kanter. And the plan works: The Stats of the Centers rise in all areas, also thanks to the All-Star point guards at his side. He scored 18.7 points on average. Five points more than in Utah. Although leaves his Defense still much to be desired, but Enes has big role in ensuring that the Thunder still have a chance at the playoffs until the last game. At the last minute, however, the New Orleans Pelicans qualify. And Kanter is a free agent.

Enes Kanter and Big Money

The fact that Kanter has just played his best ever season, he has every chance on the free agency market. Although he is restricted and thus bound by the Thunder as long as they do the other teams to catch up, but there are worse things than continue to play with a team that in all likelihood standing confidently in the next season became healthy top performers in the playoffs, maybe even Contender is. And then yesterday happened, what Enes Kanter might have hoped: He is a Max-Contract offered. The Portland Trail Blazers have after losing LaMarcus Aldridge, Robin Lopez and Nicolas Batum personal distress, especially on the big positions. In addition, stands, similar to the Thunder preseason, only one player in the squad who brings reliably good performance – Damian Lillard. But they are the departure of numerous achievers enough cap space, Kanter offer a four-year contract for at least 70 million dollars in the hope that the Thunder may not be quite so much want to invest in the Turks.

Quick turns out yesterday that the Big Man Oklahoma probably wants to keep at all costs. Nevertheless, the big winner sure Enes Kanter. Is he worth a max contract? No, at least not yet. For Kanter has constant offensively and defensively and be more versatile afford anything. But all that does not matter. One thing is certain: With the 2.11-meter man, the Thunder are stronger than without him. And the salaries? The increase no later than 2016 with the new television deal immeasurably. Then are agreements about which we still amazed everyday. And the off-season will be at least as crazy as she is already this year.