Terminator will return to the big screen. James Cameron and those involved are already working on it. This is all we know of the new movie franchise (so far).

Terminator is one of those franchises that over the years continues to conserve a large public and little by little is becoming more followers. Unfortunately not all the films that make up are worth it and some are really disappointing.

Despite the above, the good news is that some original creators of the franchises have flown to their beloved titles and are planning new deliveries; others have already shown the public why they are still great among the great. In this case we can remember George Miller with his great delivery Mad Max: Fury Road or Ridley Scott with his Alien: Covenant and soon Blade Runner: 2049 (although of the first there are conflicting opinions we will still give the benefit of the doubt to the sequel to the mythical Blade Runner of 1982).

Everything we know about the new movie Terminator

Trilogy and Linda Hamilton

After the collapse of Terminator: Genesis, which garnered little appreciation from the public, bad reviews and a barely regular box office, James Cameron announced a few months ago his intention to relaunch “Terminator” with a new trilogy.

Later we learned that a new film is actually being worked on and that the mythical Linda Hamilton returns to her role: Sarah Connor.

Recall that Linda incarnated Sarah Connor in the first two films: Terminator 1984 and Terminator 2: The final judgment of 1991, with an appearance and attitude in the latter that made her the ultimate heroine of this franchise.

In the last installment, in Terminator Genesis, it was Emilia Clark who played the brave Sarah Connor. However, it seems that it takes much more than a new face to give life to this important character. In other franchises have used the actors who gave life to the heroes of decades past, such as Harrison Ford or Sigourney Weaver, for example. So Linda returns to the franchise and that’s very good news.

For his part, Arnold Schwarzenegger returns for the sixth film, although Cameron has said that his plan is to “give the relief”, who or who may be the characters who manage to fill the shoes of the favorite hero of this story?

However, it seems that there will be changes in the main lineups, as James Cameron recently stated that he is in search of a new face, a young woman who will give life to the character that will be the axis of the story. Let’s see who will be chosen.

A Reason to Return

James Cameron has also said that the third, fourth and final tape have been “a bad dream” (curiously those who did not direct him, although there is much truth in his statement) and it has been confirmed that for the sixth installment in the chair director will be Tim Miller (you may remember him for previous films like Deadpool). Cameron for his part will be as producer of the tape and in charge of the script.

Although Cameron went on to declare that Terminator: Genesis was the movie heiress to his work, now it seems to point out that he intends to continue his story from where he left it, ie since the second installment. Wow!

It will be a kind of blur and new account for the franchise. So we can forget about Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines of 2003; of Terminator Salvation 2009 and, of course, Terminator: Genesis 2015.

When does this story that has given so much to popular culture return to the screen? The film will start shooting the following year and its premiere is scheduled for July 26, 2019.

We still have a lot to know more details of the story and to see the first images of this new title of the franchise. Of course: it is already a fact that this important film is being built.