Mohamed al Fayed, the former owner of world renowned department store Harrods, is being reassessed by the police, due to rape claims. The claims were first made to Metropolitan Police in 2013, after which an investigation was carried out. Egyptian born al Fayed co-operated fully with this, but after a lack of evidence, the case was dropped. Now, police say that they have new information on the case and this, as well as a strong urging from the claimant to reassess the case, has led them to once again look into it.

The incident is claimed to have taken place in October 2013, when the woman was invited to al Fayed’s apartment in Mayfair for a job interview. The tycoon is involved in a number of businesses and is said to have an estimated fortune of over £1.2 billion. Following the interview, he invited her to stay on, and she claims that the rape happened later that night when she was incapacitated. As soon as she awoke the next morning, she went straight to the police to report the rape. However, a few days later she withdrew her statement, and is said to have done this due to fear.

Al Fayed, whose son Dodi was killed in a tragic car crash in Paris with Britain’s Princess Diana, continues to strongly deny the allegations. His team of lawyers are confident that the case will once again be dropped in a few days. A spokesperson for al Fayed has confirmed that there is no new evidence being brought forward, and that the case will be closed very soon.