class=” wp-image-2404 alignleft” src=”£1.25-Billion-to-be-Spent-on-Kids-with-Mental-Health-Problems.jpg” alt=”An Extra £1.25 Billion to be Spent on Kids with Mental Health Problems” width=”495″ height=”298″ />Nick Clegg has announced that there will be a big boost to the spending of funds on children who suffer from mental health problems. He plans to spend £1.25 billion on this campaign, something which the children could greatly benefit from.

Nick Clegg announced his plans in Liverpool at the Lib Dem’s spring conference, calling the changes a ‘seismic shift’ which would help to revolutionise the healthcare treatment that children who have been diagnosed with a mental health problem currently receive.

The extra £1.25 billion will be put into mental health services over the next five years, and will help around 110,000 children. Nick Clegg also announced that the first waiting time standards will also be introduced as part of the package. He estimates that by 2018, children’s talking therapy specialists will be available around every part of the country, something which is desperately lacking at the moment.

When it comes to children aged between 5 and 16, about one in ten of them suffer from a diagnosable mental health disorder. This number works out to about three children in every school class. Mental illness can be extremely difficult for families to deal with. Nick Clegg’s campaign will also offer more support and better treatment for any women that are experiencing mental health issues whilst they are pregnant or after they have given birth. This will save new mothers having to travel for miles for treatment, forcing them to be separated from their newborn babies soon after giving birth.