Some kind of ‘Bloom’, ‘Zing’ sounds can be heard while browsing and navigating in facebook in recent times. The idea behind this is that such type of sounds will make browsing much fun, and hence people will get convinced to use this app more and more. Facebook team has mentioned, “We are in the procedure of adding various sounds in some common actions of Facebook app so that user can feel more delightful while using it.”

Facebook Incorporated Annoying Pop-up Sounds in Various AppsJust last year, Facebook has built a combined relationship with the sound design startup WaveGroup which aided to include messenger and Pop up options to be incorporated in facebook. Now you can know by notification if any new message came to you. Their agenda behind sound composition is to attract a huge number of people towards this social networking site.
Some people even don’t like this type of annoying sounds. Again it’s always easy to hate facebook. Since its usage puts impression both positively and negatively in life. If anyone don’t like this sound option and want to turn off, then he/she can simply go to Settings-> Sounds and turn off the app sounds.

Now let’s discuss how the sounds feel like! When you are navigating along with buttons or liking something, the sound seems like a ‘pop’, re-sharing projects like a ‘zing’, hitting back button sounds like ‘bloop’, while posting something sounds like ‘shring’. This might be considered as a simple thing, but only the gamer can understand how important such sounds are to create strong impression in human mind. With this perception, just because of these impression, users can spend a few hours more than before in facebook.