Facebook currently has multiple ways for users to be able to regain their accounts in cases of blocking or loss of access data. Facebook is currently trying one more path: facial identification.

According to the confirmation made by a Facebook spokesperson to TechCrunch, the company is currently testing this new route designed for all those users who want a quick and easy verification of their accounts within the recovery process, which will be optional and will work only in devices that have been previously used to log on.

They add that this route is another method coupled with the authentication of two steps by using SMS with which the company makes sure that they log in those who are the real owners of the accounts.

Facebook tests the use of facial recognition for account recovery

Taking into account that Facebook has already perfected its technology of facial recognition in images, being able to know more and more precisely the objects, people and situations that occur in the same image, it sounds quite logical that they can also use to make sure that users who have lost access to their accounts are truly those who are requesting to be able to use them again.

It is already a question of that the tests offer positive data so that this new way can be extended to the rest of users without that it can cause suspicion among those who do not want to give more personal information of the strictly necessary to the company.