This feature will allow users to log into WhatsApp without closing and logging in while they are talking to their contacts.

The social network Facebook will place an access in your application so that users can pass directly to WhatsApp without leaving the session, both on Android phones and iPhone.

As is customary, Facebook tests the new features in different countries and in this opportunity, the Danes will be able to access the application before other users.

The purpose of this application is that users can enter WhatsApp chat without leaving the social network, which allows them to talk to their contacts without closing and open the session at any time, which interrupts their conversations.

Facebook will have direct access to WhatsApp from its application

Will this be the end of Messenger?

Although the doubt may arise, chances are the new feature will not replace Facebook messaging.

WhatsApp and Messenger have the same function, but the characteristics of each application are completely different.

In WhatsApp users can talk to registered contacts on their cell phones, while Messenger allows interaction with other people, whether or not they have their phone numbers.