The check-in system used by different airlines has fallen this morning as a result of a network problem, causing large queues and delays at airports around the world.

The main airports affected are Gatwick and Heathrow (London), Charles de Gaulle (Paris), Zurich, Melbourne, Washington, Johannesburg and Changi (Singapore). Aena confirms that Spain has not been affected by the computer problem at the moment. According to Daily Mail information, flights from Sydney, Canberra, Auckland, Baltimore, Tokyo and Hong Kong are also affected.

Falling check-in systems cause queues at large airports

The problem has been the fall of Amadeus Altea, the billing system that serves 64% of Star Alliance flights, 75% of One World and 53% of Sky Team, which includes BA, AirFrance, KLM and Lufthansa. In addition, flights of British Airways, Qantas and Southwest have also been affected. During the morning, affected passengers have been sharing images of large airports at social networks.

From Amadeus point to it has been due to a network problem, and ensure that services are being gradually restored. “Amadeus confirms that during the morning we experienced a network problem that caused outages in some of our systems,” a company spokesman said. “The technical team has taken immediate steps to identify the cause of the problem and restore services as quickly as possible.”

The facilities for check-in at the airport have not been the only ones to stop working properly. In the case of some airlines, customers complain that they have not been able to make online bookings for new flights or check the status of their itineraries on the website.