Scott Disick, boyfriend to Kourtney Kardashian, was scheduled to make appearances at two nightclubs in Croydon and Brighton on Friday night. However, Disick ended up cancelling the nightclub tour, leaving fans disappointed. He later apologised to them via Twitter, tweeting that he was sorry he had to cut his UK trip short, but that he was looking forward to coming back soon.

The nightclub in Croydon was Tiger Tiger, and they put up a notification on their website to inform Disick’s fans of what had happened. The notice was titled ‘The Lord has let us down’. They stated that they were not given any reason as to why Disick had to cancel his appearance, and apologised to anybody who had purchased tickets for that night specifically to be there for Disick’s personal appearance.

Fans Left Outraged as Scott Disick Cancels Nightclub TourIt is not the first time that Disick has disappointed his UK fans. He reportedly showed up extremely late to an appearance in Manchester, and spent only 40 minutes at a two hour meet and greet session which he had been booked in advance for. He was also widely criticised after an appearance at the Tiger Tiger nightclub in Leeds, when he told an inappropriate joke. A video of his lewd joke has been posted on the internet, but for fans of Disick, this sort of behaviour is expected.