class=” wp-image-2112 alignleft” src=”” alt=”Fans Sign Petition to Bring Terry Pratchett Back From the Dead” width=”398″ height=”226″ />Terry Pratchett, one of the greatest and most loved fantasy authors in the world, has died at the age of 66, following a long battle with early onset Alzheimers. In response to the news of his death, Pratchett fan Tom Pride decided to set up a petition on, calling for his favourite author to be brought back from the dead.

The petition was inspired by some famous words that Pratchett once spoke, where he said that “there are times in life when people must know when not to let go”. The petition has been signed by over 3000 people so far.

Pratchett, who wrote many fantasy novels, featured the character of Death in all 40 of his Discworld novels. Rather than featuring the character as the more stereotypical grim reaper, Pratchett made Death out to be a character who loved cats and enjoyed eating a good curry.

Fans who signed the petition paid tribute to their favourite author by quoting many of Pratchett’s most loved quotes related to the topic of death, with many declaring how Pratchett had managed to transform the character of Death from something which was usually dreaded, to a character who was much loved and often welcomed.

Pratchett’s publisher spoke out about the author’s death, letting fans know that he died peacefully in his own home, with his cat curled up on the bed with him, and surrounded by family that loved and supported him. His death was revealed to the public by Pratchett’s daughter, who told fans of the sad news through a series of tweets, the first of which she wrote in the voice of Death.