The theatrical release of “Fantastic Four” slowly moves within striking distance. We have exclusive character poster and character description by Johnny Storm (Michael B. Jordan) for you.

Four outsiders going through a momentous change in “Fantastic Four”. The Quartet travels to a parallel universe, which has consequences for their Constitution. Back on Earth, they develop extraordinary skills that they need to get once. You learn to deal what is also needed, because soon rises a powerful enemy and threatens to plunge the world into the abyss. Reed Richards (miles teller), Ben Grimm (Jamie Bell), Johnny (Michael B. Jordan) and Sue storm (Kate Mara) must now side by side fighting for the good of humanity.

As they are beat, there are from 13 August 2015 in local cinemas to see, then the comic book movie by Josh starts drinking.

Fantastic Four Exclusive Character Posters of Johnny Storm