FC Bayern avoids a commitment to Bastian Schweinsteiger, because it waits for PEP Guardiola’s future plans. The Club is dangerously dependent on.

First the facts: the FC Bayern München has completed a contract negotiation. Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, the Board boss, effusively praised the “Bavarian roots” and that “the growth targets for the FC Bayern fit”. Rummenigge talked only about a new sponsor, a technology company, and yet barely an employee of the Club has positioned this summer so quite and clear. The summer of the FC Bayern has a summer of the subjunctive.

The current team is facing a last season together, the age and the battered body of some players will allow no more so many years at the top level. This upheaval suggestive to already be felt. Extended Bastian Schweinsteiger? He remains at least a year? But above all: Extended PEP Guardiola, the coach? Also in the club they can not answer these questions, and so the FC Bayern in a position has maneuvered himself, in a role remains for him. He nervously waiting for a sign of the sought-after.

FC Bayern would extend very, very, very happy with PEP Guardiola. The coach again leaves very, very, very, whether he can also imagine that. Instead to emphasize the strength of the Association now confidently, based not only on the wishes of an individual employee, the FC Bayern tries the opposite: he makes in his plans dependent on a coach like rarely before.

Douglas Costa, Guardiolas wish player for the races, receives a contract, which is four years longer than that of the coach. Also the Club avoids a commitment to Bastian Schweinsteiger, the fan-favorite with the Bavarian roots – possibly, because may be doubted, that fit the growth objectives of the 30-year good to those of the coach. Instead, Rummenigge told demonstratively that Schweinsteiger felt flattered by the interested parties from England.

When Guardiola wants to talk about a possible contract extension, rests solely on Guardiola, so far he has not decided which. And because all on him may be who moderated the pending break and who eliminated future Konjunktive like to pig who disputed yet. Guardiola? Rummenigge? Sports Board Matthias Sammer? Executive Planner Michael Reschke?

Sometimes it acts this summer so, as those in charge of FC Bayern were in a ditty, who may introduce the next idea to convince Guardiola. A ditty which could end but even so: Ene, mene, meeny, it pulls in the crate, ene, mene, meck – and the coach is gone.