FDA has authorized Corgenix Medical Corporation to use the ReEBOV Antigen Rapid Test. The test may be used if an individual have the symptoms and signs of Ebola virus.

The rapid Ebola test by Corgenix is the first test to be allowed by FDA for Ebola detection. This test is allowed to be used in conditions where authorized Ebola nucleic acid are less appropriate.

The Corgenix RDT test can be used in any adequately equipped clinical facility or any laboratory with trained personnel’s. It goes for about 15-25 minutes.

Ebola is one of the deadliest virus in Africa in the world and it has mortality rate of 30 and 90% .

The given test is for presumptive detection of Ebola viruses in individuals with the given signs and symptoms. VHFC will be active in effort to increase additional diagnostic products.

FDA authorizes Corgenix and it has been listed by WHO