Prince Ali bin al-Hussein, from the Jordanian royal family is one of the strong candidates for FIFA presidential election and he is proposing an idea to make the voting process transparent. However, FIFA sacked this proposal.

Inspite of this, the prince is flying in transparent booths form Zurick. On Friday when the elections take place, you can see the drama unroll.
FIFA Presidential Election 2016 Inching Towards Transparency
Usatoday’s News :

Prince Ali bin al-Hussein, a member of the Jordanian royal family who is one of five candidates in the FIFA presidential election scheduled to be held on Friday, has an idea to make the voting process more transparent.

He wants to literally make the voting process more transparent.

Prince Ali has proposed using transparent voting booths, and is even having some shipped to Zurich in time for the election on Friday despite FIFA dismissing his proposal. Prince Ali is also asking for a postponement of the vote.

FIFA has stated they will ask voters to hand over any cell phones and cameras before entering the voting booth. There is a concern that voters from member nations will use photos as proof to candidates that they supported them, and thus can use that proof to cash in favors later.