They simplify access to open tabs and read mode. Firefox 50 also improves download protection against executable files. The latest Firefox release of 2016 includes a total of 27 vulnerabilities.

Mozilla has released Firefox 50 for download. The new browserversion supports two new keyboard shortcuts, which should facilitate switching between tabs as well as calling the read mode. However, the developers have also closed three critical vulnerabilities that allow malicious code to be injected and executed.

Firefox (Image: Mozilla) The combination of the “CTRL” and “Tab” keys allows you to scroll through the currently open tabs, in the order in which they were last used. “CTRL” and “ALT” and “R” will call the read mode. This keyboard shortcut is also available for macOS ( “Command” and “ALT” and “R”).

Firefox 50 brings new keyboard shortcuts and stuffs critical security holes

In addition, users can limit the search within a website to “whole words”. The search bar, which is displayed by “CTRL” and “F” at the bottom of the screen – the “Search” command can also be found in the browser menu of the browser – offers a new button.

According to the release notes, the developers have also improved the download protection against executable files under Windows, macOS and Linux. WebGL is now more than 98 percent of the users of Windows 7, 8.1 and 10 available. Support for WebM EME for Videvine has also been improved under Windows and macOS, which allows for video playback without plug-ins.

Firefox 50 also contains fixes for a total of 27 vulnerabilities, of which Mozilla three is considered critical. Of 12 vulnerabilities, there is a high risk, and an average risk of ten additional bugs.

A heap overflow in the Cairo component can cause a crash of the browser when processing SVG files. In addition, several memory errors that Mozilla concatenate to two CVE tags may allow remote code execution. This affects not only Firefox 49 and earlier, but also the Extended Support Release Firefox ESR 45.4.

The update should also prevent certain URLs from crashing the browser. In addition, an attacker could exploit a vulnerability in the add-ons update process to inject a malicious add-on with a fake security certificate. Firefox for Android is now no longer to save metadata like private-browsing URLs in the files “browser.db” and “browser.db-wal”.

Firefox 50 is the latest new release this year. In December, however, a maintenance update for Firefox 50 will follow. The release of Firefox 51 plans Mozilla on 24 January. At the end of 2017 Firefox 57 will be available.

On the Mozilla website, Firefox 50 for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux is now available for download. The new version is also distributed via the integrated update function.