Fitbit improves its bet and – now yes – enters fully in the market of smartwatches with its new flagship. Having tested it over the last few days, it is clear that Ionic brings with it everything that a smartwatch can bring to attention in 2017. But will it be enough to regain market confidence?

Creating a technological product is now easier than ever. Create a really good one, not so much. That they tell Fitbit, who have spent the last few years marketing devices that, while the past might have been successful – indeed, they did – have not finished fitting into a time when big technology (Apple, Samsung, Google) have also wanted to make a dent.

All this can change with the Fitbit Ionic, a device that has the necessary ingredients to catalog it solid bet against other smartwatches today. In the company have learned of the mistakes made and have managed to combine in a single product what has to have a watch to captivate the public in 2017: it is a watch and not a bracelet, has a fashion component and striking design to combine in day-to-day, offers physical activity monitoring and, finally, third-party services.

Fitbit Ionic Designs & Features - Review

A mixture that seems interesting in a scenario where manufacturers have been giving up and the options are not so many when it comes to choosing a good smartwatch. Even less, when you need one that encompasses functions of intelligent clock with those more oriented to the sports field.

Fitbit has done very well this time and, although he does not excel at all points and does not get a round device 100%, it does not lack a stretch too broad to achieve it to think that it will not in the not so distant future . Let’s go with the present.

Design and display

Fitbit opts in this occasion for the aluminum of the 6000 series as main element, which results in resistance without subtracting lightness to the watch, making it really comfortable to wear. Despite having some angular lines that can be seen in a smartwatch today, the fact is that the result once on the wrist is not bad. You may like it more or you may like it less, but you are grateful to see that the design on this occasion does make up an important part of the product.

That a watch has its focus on the sport should not be an obstacle to despise the appearance of it and make it fit only when wearing a tracksuit. The new lines in the Ionic result in a multipurpose device, which can be taken either to a training session or to a formal dinner, even more with the possibility of changing the watch strap for another that suits more to each situation.

As for the screen, 1.42 inches, it must be said that sometimes it is missed that its surface was somewhat larger. It is functional to carry out the tactile interactions with the clock, something that is increased with the three physical buttons that counts, but reducing the frames (as well as suppressing the logo of the frontal) would have been a success in aesthetic terms as well in usability.

The resolution of the same is good, with 1,000 nits (as the Apple Watch Series 2) and with an automatic brightness adjustment that allows it to look great even with the sun directly impacting on it.

The fitness part

The Ionic is a smartwatch, yes, but it is the physical activity side that takes most of the weight. The tradition forces Fitbit to continue amplifying everything related to sport for two reasons: it is what users expect to see from them and is what really gives them good. Years of practice have managed to polish an application that now reflects the enormous amount of data collected by the watch with astonishing precision, in a very visual and perfectly complements this.

For someone like me, more keyboard than sneaker, the effort made by Fitbit in terms of goals and rewards to encourage movement is essential to get me up from the chair. The constant reminders as well as the daily and weekly statistics are key points to understand the philosophy behind this product. This, coupled with the ability to add friends and compare statistics in real time, make moving costs a little less.