After several years of dilly dallying, disappointment, frustrations, starts, and stops; at last, the widely publicized  welterweight bout between Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Manny Pacquiao is scheduled to be held on 2nd May 2015. As per an announcement by Mayweather on Friday, he has agreed to fight with Pacquiao at the MGM Grand Garden, Las Vegas. The fans have been waiting for this bout between the two finest boxers of the generation since 2009.

Mayweather said that he was happy about his decision to meet Manny in a fight, and provide fans with an opportunity to witness it and be happy. He added that the fight will be the greatest sporting event in the history of sports, and people and fans worldwide would be a witness to the greatness on 2nd May. He, further, claimed himself to be the best ever, and that fight would provide him an opportunity to bring to display his skills. He added that he would try his best, and defeat Manny as he has done to 47 fighters earlier, and Manny would be the next, the 48th, in the list.

The much awaited bout is set to break many records including the purse size. Mayweather will garner 60% of the collection amounting to $120 million while Manny who agreed to the bout and signed the contract on Thursday will get $80 million. The trainer of Pacuiao, Freddie Roach, said that Mayweather could enjoy his A+ status till the scheduled fight as he was sure to be floored on his backside on 2nd May by Manny.

The two fighters almost came to terms in 2009 during Christmas holidays, but they hit roadblocks when Manny and his promoter Bob Arum did not agree to Mayweather’s demand for drug testing conducted by United States Anti-Drug Agency. Several attempts had been made since then to re-start talks between the two for a fight. It was in 2011, that an attempt to mediate between them failed. In 2012, Mayweather offered Manny $40 million guaranteed money, but Pacquiao declined to fight. Attempts had been made in this direction in 2013, too, but to no avail. Anyway, the fight now is through for 2nd May.

In an interview with Yahoo Sports, Roach admitted this fight to be a great challenge for Manny without doubt, but he was hopeful of his win. The bout between the two best pound for pound fighters would be very interesting due to their vastly different styles of fighting. Mayweather is widely regarded to be a great tactician, and one among the finest defensive fighters in the world. He possesses great sense of time, and can foresee punches coming which others cannot. Pacuiao, on the other hand, is a powerhouse of offensive fighting having quickness and speed unmatched by the most fighters. He expressed his determination to bring glory to Philippines, his home country.

At last, the bout between the two is now a reality, and who wins will be decided in the rings.