With Google’s new Earth VR for the HTC Vive, users can not only run through virtual roads of the world, but can move freely. For guidance, users use the controllers of the Vive, also headtracking is supported.

Google has launched a virtual reality version of its Google Earth program for the HTC Vive. With Earth VR, users can move freely in the virtual world using the Vive headset and controllers based on topographic reproductions of satellite images and photos.

In this way, places can be explored not only virtually on foot, but also departing. For example, users can fly through the Grand Canyon or through the houses of Manhattan. The direction is controlled by the controller, while the user can look around.

Fly with Google and the Vive through the world

Trips to the stratosphere are also possible. To get faster from one place to another, users can “teleport” themselves. All of the Google sites covered in the world can be explored in Earth VR.

Headtracking is fully supported

Earth VR supports the full headtracking of the Vive headset. For example, users can also bend forward or down to take a closer look at a detail.

Earth VR is available free of charge in the Steam-Store. Whether and when the program also appears for other VR systems is not known.

Daydream does not offer a fully explorable world

Also for its own VR platform Daydream, Google offers a virtual world. However, this is based on Street View and therefore does not allow users to move around freely. Instead, only certain sights can be viewed, which can only be explored within the captured image material.