Snail Digital attacks the company for not collaborating on its projects based on the film

In the frame of New York Comic-Con 2016, Andy Serkis confirmed that the film War for the Planet of the Apes would have an adaptation to the videojuegos. Currently, Imaginati Studios is in charge of Planet of the Apes: Last Frontier, title that will arrive at PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Fox Entertainment's Demand for War for the Planet of the Apes

However, the Chinese studio Suzhou Snail Digital Technology was also interested in the project, so it negotiated with Fox Entertainment to use the rights of the series in an action title.

So, Snail Digital agreed to pay Fox $ 2.5 MDD in advance, so start the work of the game freely and launch the game as soon as possible to take advantage of the movie’s premiere. However, not everything went well, as the Chinese study decided to sue Fox for his uncooperative attitude.

At first, Fox gave him promotional material and an early script for the game. In addition, he pledged to provide resources for the creation of the title. Snail Digital says it has requested more support from the company, but that it simply does not respond. In addition, the studio said it showed Fox an Alpha version of its game, but that it only received criticism with no proposal to improve.

Snail Digital prepared several projects based on the film, such as an RPG action game, as well as a mobile augmented reality title. This last project was canceled by the controversies generated in China by Pokémon GO.

For these reasons, the Chinese study sued Fox for a rescission of his contract plus compensation for damages. Snail Digital argues that it no longer has a case to launch its RPG, since the release of the film, in July of this year, is already quite distant. So the sales of the game would not benefit from the fame that had the film.

If you want to know the first advances of Planet of the Apes: Last Frontier, the graphic adventure of Imaginati Studios, visit this link.

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