France’s Prime Minister Manuel Valls

Laurent Fabius, French Foreign Minister, on Monday denied that President Bashar al-Assad had any role in the Syrian peace talks. He added that making Assad a party to the peace process in Syria would be what he termed, a “scandalous gift” to the terrorist group of Islamic State.

The comments of Fabius came only a day after John Kerry, US Secretary of State, had admitted that talks with Assad had been essential to end the bloody conflict in Syria going on for the last five years. He asserted that political transition in Syria was the first step in the solution as it would preserve political institutions, and, he emphasized, not President Bashar al-Assad. Any other alternative solution that kept Assad in power would be, in his words, “absolutely scandalous, and a gigantic gift” to Islamic State which he referred as Daesh. While talking to reporters in Brussels, he told that millions of Syrians tortured and butchered by Assad would transfer their allegiance to Daesh in case Assad was made a party to the peace talks. He added that such a situation had to be avoided.

The French Minister further told that on Monday morning he had talked to Kerry who assured him that there had been no change in the US policy towards Syria. He repeatedly emphasized that there could be no solution to the Syrian conflict so long as Assad was in the saddle. He held, while talking to channel Canal+, Assad “responsible for tens of thousands of deaths”. He could foresee no role for Assad in the future of Syria.

Washington had also insisted earlier on the stepping down of President Assad who had no role in the future of that country. Federica Mogherini, EU foreign policy chief, told that Kerry must have referred to the Syrian regime and not President Assad when she talked about the Syrian peace talk.